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The market is basically occupied by local laser pointer companies

The medical device field is also an important future direction for lasers, including implants and instruments. The main reason is that laser pointer technology can meet the high-quality requirements of the medical device field, produce less residues, and freely clean up material residues.

At the same time, green technologies such as solar cells or battery products are also perfect application cases for industrial lasers. So far, there is no single technology that can cover all the industrial applications of the spectrum. It can only be achieved through the combination of different laser technologies, and even fiber lasers have not been proven to be universal tools.

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Another key factor is the Asian market. Comparing the sales of laser companies in different regions, you will find that Asia accounts for 40-50% of annual sales. Asia, especially China, is the market with the largest growth rate. Taking into account China's GDP situation, China will still create good market opportunities for industrial lasers.

The Japanese market is basically occupied by local laser companies, but if it can provide laser products that local companies cannot provide, it is still possible to create extraordinary sales. Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea are the main markets for consumer electronics or semiconductor applications. However, laser companies have to deal with the impact of cyclical adjustments in these industries, but the demand for lasers is still great.

Chinese laser companies have used Western laser technology for reference more or less in the development process. Thanks to the return of a large number of green laser pointer talents, China's laser industry has been further developed. The key to success for Western laser companies is localization. Therefore, international laser companies can get more orders and sales, which also means that whether they can successfully penetrate the Asian market is crucial.

As mentioned before, each laser company has its own history or DNA. However, their opportunities are limited technology and product lines. Therefore, market penetration and good customer relationships are particularly important. For the coherent company, it mainly focuses on the field of industrial laser material processing microelectronics, and is a representative enterprise in this market. In addition to the complete CO2 laser product portfolio, another major advantage of Coherent is its killer application in the consumer electronics and semiconductor fields-excimer laser annealing applications.

Where is the future of industrial laser pointer material processing?