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If the laser pointer is strong enough to be seen by distant galaxies

If a laser pointer that is strong enough to be seen by a distant galaxy is rotated to the top on the same plane as the earth, and then turned on: will it take longer to reach the earth than without rotation? Will we see light spots, flashes or long lines? If the laser is strong enough to be seen by distant galaxies,

Stop there. You *really* realize that even from the nearest major galaxy, Andromeda, we can only see the brightest single star, right? Those are thousands of times brighter than our sun? Do you want to make such a bright laser? (You get some help because the laser beam is collimated, so its effective brightness is higher. You still need a considerable part of the solar energy.)

It rotates like a top on the same plane as the earth. Are you crazy enough to spin this laser monster? Then open: Does it take longer to reach the earth compared to no rotation? No matter how crazy the emission method is, these photons will travel at the same speed. Will we see light spots, flashes or long lines?

5000mW Laser Pointer 5W 532nm Green Star

You will see the laser beam in a small part of the rotation. Therefore, according to its rotation speed, you will get a very short flash every time it rotates. Unless it spins *very* slowly (e.g. "once a year"), it will make the flashing of the strobe light appear to be slow.

Is there a surface that can reflect strong laser heat? The General Motors transmission plant where I work uses CO2 lasers with gold-plated mirrors to weld transmission components. The laser beam is powerful enough to weld steel parts together, but as long as the mirror is kept clean, it will not damage the internal mirror of the laser.

The mirror must be kept very clean to prevent pitting due to laser energy absorbed by dust/dirt on the mirror surface. Can I use the powerful green laser sight in a compound bow? Of course you can. Any pope and youth awards you carry do not count, because you use electronic devices to help you.

Just like I disqualified myself at the moment I used blood stain enhancer and ultraviolet light to track the deer. Now, they make blood enhancers that do not require black light, so you can follow the "no electronic device" guidelines and comply with their search and recovery position statement.

Ask yourself if you are hunting to enter the record book or to feed yourself. Then ask yourself what you think is ethics and "fair chase". I personally think that compared with ordinary bow sights, these green laser pointer are simply stupid. However, if you are not good at estimating distance/using a rangefinder under pressure; I would say that killing a deer with a powerful green laser is more ethical than hurting a deer with a standard sight.

What are the alternatives to small arms laser pointers