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Does the aquarium use laser lights or LED lights?

The laser light source is a point light source that emits light from excited particles under the action of radiation. This is a new light source technology. This kind of laser light source has high brightness, long service life, strong directionality and good color rendering. These advantages make the laser Lights are widely used. In daily life, they are mainly used in laser video records, stage art light sources, laser typesetting and printing, laser fax and optical computers.

But in fact, most aquariums use aquarium Laser pointer lights. The compact design of aquarium laser lights is very suitable for owners who don't want a lot of lighting. Due to the compact structure, you can choose more location options so that maintenance and adding water can easily enter the water tank itself. Some aquarium laser lights are waterproof and can actually be hidden underwater at the edge of the aquarium. In addition to being adjustable, the aquarium laser light can also provide effects for your aquarium. Most fish farmers like to imitate the shimmering effect of sunlight reflecting plants and display their fish tanks in the store themselves. By using different effects and colors, you can create a spectacular atmosphere that truly shows the fish and create a beautiful decoration for any room. The cost of aquarium laser lights is usually not higher than that of traditional fluorescent lamps, but the cost savings are higher, in contrast, the power consumption is minimal. Another benefit is that the life of the "bulb" is much longer than other systems used for aquarium lighting. Normally, you can expect to get 30,000 to 50,000 hours from the aquarium laser light, which is another cost savings that users see.

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