Green Red Blue 3 in 1 Burning Laser Pointer Adjustable Focus With Safety Lock Five Starry Lenses Burn Paper Cigarettes Matches


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Product Description:

445nm 1000mw/1W blue laser pointer with 5 heads (5in1) +532nm 100mw green laser + 200mW 650nm red laser 



Green Red Blue 3 in 1 Burning Laser Pointer Features

Aviation aluminum alloy manufacturing, durable, beautiful appearance
Adjustable focus, easily adjust to meet all your needs.
3 Laser beam colors in 1, awesome and advance.
Powerful enough , Blue 1000mW beam can easily burn cigarettes, matches, paper. Red and Green Laser Pointer light can also do it. Green laser pointer 100mw beam can be used as an astronomy laser.
5 Star caps, all three colors can be transformed into 5 star patterns.
Side switch design, push button on / off.
Come with safety lock,ensure your safety.
Germany LD and accessories, increase service life, more than 8000 hours.
Professional laser module, circuit board collection and protection design.

3 in 1  Green Blue Red Laser Pointer Specificaions

Shell material: aviation aluminum 
Surface treatment: anode oxidation military 
Output wavelength: 440-450 nm/532nm/650nm 
Power: 1000 mW(1WATT) blue/ 100mw green and 200mW red  
Circuit control: 5 V booster take reverse connect protection 
Circuit efficiency: the boost conversion efficiency above 95% 
Flare form: patch 
Beam style: continuous line 
Focusable: yes
Preheat time: 0 s
Working temperature: -10°c~ + 30°c 
Storage temperature: -10°c~ + 40°c 
Power Supply: 2*16340 rechargable batteries for blue / 1pcs 16340 battery for red and green
Size(mm): ¢24mmX153mm(blue);¢24mmX129mm (red);:¢24mmX153mm(green)
Weight(g): 370/150g 

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High Tech Laser Pointer Package 

1x Green Blue Red 3 in 1 Laser Pointer

2x Safety Keys

5x Star Caps

2x 16340 Rechargeable Batteries

1x Charger

1x Laser Goggles

1x Metal Case 


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