Buy Green Laser Pointers 3000mw brightest Best Selling Plug

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The portable and with richer applications laser pointer is a good guide for your traveling, and a good tool for pointing to the faraway target or stars and sending out the SOS signal . Also, it always widely used it to point at the faraway target or stars. Good choice for you! Great for pointing objects from, such as stars,visible green light beam in dark area,power saving, compact and reliab.

Product Description

Material:Aviation aluminum
Size :25 * 148 mm
Range up to: > 8000 m
Focus mode:Fixed focus, continuous output point spot
Laser class:Class 4
Switching module :Simple on / off switch with a permanent
Special Feature:Waterproof
Warranty:2-year warranty
Net weight:150 g
Battery:2 * 18650
Use:Tourism, military, matches and burns, SOS signals.
Operating Voltage:DC3.7V
Working temperature:-10℃-35℃

Safety Tips:

The laser is high power .So it runs out of battery quickly. And please don't keep the laser on continuously for more than three minutes or it will get burnt from inside easily.
Laser pointer beams can go for miles so never randomly use your laser pointer outside.
Never look directly into the laser beam. Even if it is a low powered laser pointer.
Do not allow the laser placed in water and wet locations.
Do not let fall from a height laser and squeezed violently.
Please keep out of reach of children. Avoid accidental injury.Avoid directing eye exposure to laser beam