Green Laser Pointer 532nm 50mw sturdy and durable


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The tiny laser pointer can be transformed into a "disco laser pointer" with its star cap. It's truly amazing light show, you'll be surprised with that many stars fill your space. This 200mw small green laser pointer is also the best gift for friends and families. Outdoor travel and adventure lighting, direction, there is a function, etc. tell emergency signal. It is necessary to interesting trips and outdoor activities!Star observation, astronomy it is the perfect star to refer to astronomical observation time. Constellation and comments, because at night you can see the green light from the hands to the sky, I can enjoy your beautiful sky.

Output Power:200mW
Laser color:Green light laser
Body color:Black
Safety level:Class ⅢB
Operation temperature:15 ℃ ~ + 30 ℃
Storage temperature:-10 ℃ - + 40 ℃
Size:Φ28mm × 145mm

1. Because we are very power laser pointer, absolutely not use a laser beam to the human eye and animals against exposure! Lead to severe loss of vision or even blindness.
2. Continuous laser light time recommends no more than 1 minute, wait 20s-30s, not by the laser because of overheating and affect the life!
3. Remove the batteries when not in use, a child is not easy to get in the house!
4. seriously if your laser charge or replace batteries less bar. Promised by Seller: Professional Services. Is dedicated to providing the best shopping experience possible. If you buy, you can be assured that we are here to take care of all your questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact us. In 24 hours, guaranteed to give you a satisfactory answer. Professional product. We specialize in producing and selling High power green laser pointers of large enterprises. Can many laser pointer. Reliable quality, good service. We will be the best product, the lowest price, sincere cooperation with you! Welcome your arrival!

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