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HTPOW High Power 200mw Green Laser Pointer Cheapest beam for point Long distance

Price: $152.31
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200mw Green laser pointer Description:

Brand: HTPOW
Material: hard aluminum
Switch mode: Always switch
Battery: 16340 rechargeable battery
Wavelength: 532nm;
Start time ≤3 seconds
Operating voltage: DC3.7V
Dimensions: ¢ 25mmX122mm
Power: 200mW focus may point after match!
Simply push the button then you can see the striking green beam of light shoot forth 1000mw green laser will be used to point at any desired targets on projection screens, video monitors, and presentation graphics
Also can be used for forensics, illumination, indicating, alignment, sky pointing (astronomy) or just being cool, Clearly visible in the dark. Output Type : Fixed focus, continuous output and working time of over 5,000 hours, Best choice for teachers, professors, doctors, Presentation, Tutorial, and Office Meeting and so on.
Green 200mw Laser Pointer
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200mw Laser Pointer
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