High Powered Laser Pointer 10000mw Green finger Star 5 in 1



10000MW 532nm Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit contains not only a laser pointer but also necessary accessories including a charger, two keys and a battery. The battery is rechargeable with the attached charger, very eco-friendly, and is of large capacity for long working hours. The keys are designed for locking when you are not using the laser pointer, ensuring safety. When it comes to the laser pointer, it features high power design to serve for not only pointing but also lighting.

Product Description

Output power :10000mW (10W)
Material aviation :aluminum
Laser color: green light laser
Body color: black
Appearance surface treatment:Good texture in silver electroplating
Power :18650 battery X1
Wavelength: 532nm
Starting time :≤3 seconds
Action power-pressure: DC3V
Operating temperature :15 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃
Storage temperature :-10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Overall Dimensions :φ15 * 147mm

Package list
1 x Laser Pointer
1 x 18650 Battery
1 x 2 x Keys
1 x 18650 Charger


1.Tour guide - when you face "difficult tentacles and" objective and helpless, it can help you easily and accurately target is indicated.
2.The wild Traveller / explorer - for outdoor adventure, directed remote target and send a distress signal, let your travel more fun and safer.
3. Amateur astronomers --- for astronomy refers to the star, it emitted light beam is a very beautiful green line, very suitable for night sky observation, can help you pointed out that the position of the stars.
4.Building site / quarry ──for remote indication buildings to avoid approaching the danger zone,let you kilometer away, but also for on-site command.
5.Self-defense ── When you encounter dangerous animal attacks in the mountains, or when there are criminals to rob you, you can come up with to scare each other, but do not let Scoundrel's eye blindness.
6.military command ── when you want to tell your subordinates, Which direction is the target in the air. Which direction is the target of the hillside.You do not need to use tired gesture commands. You just need to gently press the green Laser Keystroke. Will be able to point to the sky,Increase your gracefulness
7.The relief / seek for life / Earthquake ── When many emergency situations, become lifesaving pen