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Green Lightsaber Specifications:

It is a fat beam green laser sword.
With built-in battery,can be recharged directly.
Professional circuit design, strong and reliable stability. 
Compact and dedicate appearance,easy to use and carry.
Multi-function buttons can help you to achieve three modes:double-end light show/Left-end light show/right-end light show.
Laser Sword LED
Laser Sword LED green
green Laser Sword LED
Laser Sword

Green Laser Sword Technical Parameters:

Color: Green
Product Size: 56 x 26 x 53mm
Output wavelength: 532nm
Output Heads: 2
Working current: <600mA
Working temperature: -20 Celsius ~ 50 Celsius
Storage temperature: -40 Celsius ~ 80 Celsius
Lifetime:> 7000 hours
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