Super High Power Blue Laser Pointers 10000mw 445nm Visible Light Class IV

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HTPOW provide you high quality and inexpensive  laser pointers in 10000mw. We will offer you the best price ratio in the market. 

This blue laser is one of our  best laser pointer in the lineup! Blue 10000mw laser pointer beam is visible at daylight from a hundred feet away or more. At night, it can be very useful as well. A laser can be an important part of a first aid kit. In the worst case scenario, it can be used to signal your position to an airborne rescue mission. This  Blue Laser Pointer beam is focusable and can be transformed into a starry laser by using starry lens.

10W Burning Blue Laser Pointer Features

● Be made of high quality aluminum material ,solid and durable ,appearance noble and generous

● SP-8 waterproof and dustproof structure, allowing you to 30 meters deep underwater can also experience the wonderful laser

● Short portable and efficient heat dissipation

● Be equipped with 2*16340 batteries, chargeable and durable

● The laser goggles are included to protect user's eyes

● 5 in 1 Laser Pointer : dot pattern, starry and multi patterns

● 8000-10000m transmission distance

● Generate an ultra bright blue single-point laser beam up to 10000mw

● The powerful 10w blue burning laser pointer can light matches or cigarettes, burn paper, shoot balloon and much more

● Used in astronomy refers to the stars, site measurements, wild adventure, the preferred equipment for astronomy enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts

● Our products are the most authoritative and most regular, Free Shipping, 30-day Return Policy, 12-months Warranty

High Powered Laser Pointer Technical Specifications :

Size 185mm * 23mm
Weight 300g
Wavelength 445nm
Body Material Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Finish Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in Silver
Power 10000mW
Max Range 6000 meter
Beam Divergence 1.5mRad
Beam Shape 2mm X 5mm
Power Supply 2 X 16340 Lithium Batteries
Battery Lifetime 30 - 120 mins
Switch Light Touch Switch
Class IV
Modes Continuous Wave
Built-in Module Imported Crystal Module
Drive Smart Constant Current Circuit
Dimming Head Rotate
Waterproof Waterproof Grade IPX-6
Expected Lifetime >5,000 hours
Warranty One Year

Packing List

1x Manual
1X HTPOW 10000mw Blue Laser Pointer
1X Manuals
1X Charger
5X Starry Laser Lenses
2X 16340 Batteries
1X Laser Goggles
1X Explosion-proof Aluminum Box

Blue Laser Pointer 10000mw

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Blue Laser Pointer 10000mw

 Blue Laser Pointers 10000mw 445nm

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1. Caused that this is a  powerful laser pointer , absolutely not let a laser beam into  eyes! It will lead to blindness.
2. Continuous laser light time recommends no more than 1 minute, make sure wait 20s-30s before the next operate!
3. Remove the batteries when not in use!
4. Any question , please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.