Laser Pen For Pets
  • Laser Pen For Pets

100mw 150mw 200mw Green Beam Cat Laser Pen Bright Dot Presentation Guiding



This keychain laser pointer is small and perfect for carrying. It runs by one AAA battery. Laser pointer has been used for pet amusement for many years, just point the bright laser dot at the front of your pet, they will chase it and regard it as a prey. Throughout many years development of laser technology, laser pen are cheaper and ordinary, this keychain laser pointer is wonderful for your pet and it is really a nice tool to point any target you desired. It comes with three output power (100mW,150mW,200mW), but only with one same price. This is really a bargain, come and order now!



Beam Color Green
Laser Wavelength 532nm
Laser Output power 100mW/150mW/200mW
Light Style Dot Light
Switch Push Button Operating
Class Class 3B
Body Material Copper
Product Weight 62g
Body Color Silver
Size 98mm x 13mm

Keychain Laser Pointer

Pet Laser Pointer

Cat Laser Pen

Laser Pointer For Pet



●Never point laser dot into your pets' eyes.

●Do not point laser dot at people when amuse your pets.

●Please replace immediately when the dot is weaken to protect your cat laser pointer.