Ultra Powerful Green Laser Pointer 500mw Star Effect 532nm


•This Green Laser Pointer is perfect for astronomy, presentation, tutorial, and office meeting use
•The 500mw Green Laser Pointer produces clearly visible green beam in the dark
•Power saving, durable and reliable Green Laser Pointer
•This high quality handheld laser pointer adopts the latest technology optics and microelectronics.

Dimensions:13 * 147mm
Material:Hard aluminum
Surface treatment:Black anodized
Battery:18650 rechargeable battery
Laser Class:Class 3A
Switching mode:Put switch at any time push type, easy
Spot - style:star, top stars
Net Weight:46g
Use:Night lights, light matches, and so on.
Output mode:continuous line
Operating Voltage:DC3.7V
Operating:-10 ℃ a 45 ℃
Working temperature:-10 ℃ -35 ℃

500mw Green laser pointer range

Fishing, disco, club and party activities, advertising activities.
2.Outdoor travel and adventure
Lighting, direction, and a function to tell the emergency signal. It is necessary to interesting trips and outdoor activities!
3.Star observation, astronomy
This is a perfect time to star refers to astronomical observations. Constellation and comments, because at night, you can see the blue light from the hands to the sky, I can enjoy your beautiful sky.
4.Builder / dark work
Empty a higher risk of a laser beam, will lead to the fall of the scene, do not worry! action explanation.