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Submersible Underwater Laser Pointer Dive Laser Flashlight Bright Green / Blue Beam High Output Power Long Distance



This underwater laser pointer is an excellent item for scuba divers and snorkellers to keep ready for use in their dive bag.Being able to point out unique animals while underwater when you are with a dive buddy, touring a group of divers as a dive master, guide or instructor can be mighty handy.It comes with a wavelength specifically selected for use underwater and is up to three times more powerful than the competitor's models.Starting off with larger copper housing and a substantial copper heatsink which allows the scuba laser pointer to handle powerful laser diodes up to 7W.


Underwater Laser Pointer Features

●Can safely dive to 400 feet
●High visibility beam for pinpoint accuracy
●Identify hard to see objects underwater.
●Great for pointing out interesting critters and object above/below Water
●Cooling fins around the laser head
●Can be left on for entire dive without overheating 
●Helpful Tool for Dive Masters, Group Leaders, Dive Instructors
●It is extremely valuable for rescue signals

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Scuba & Dive Laser Pointer Specifications

Beam Color Blue / Green
Laser Wavelength 445nm/532nm
Laser Output power 7000mW/200mW
Light Style Beam Light
Switch Push Button Operating
Body Material Cupronickel
Body Color Silver
Body Size 24*140mm
Warranty Time 12 Months


1x Scuba Laser Pointer

1x Laser Goggles

2x 18350 Rechargeable Batteries

1x Charger

2x Attack Cap

Free Gift: 5x Starry Pattern Lenses ( Emits Pretty Patterns )


Starry Patterns