650nm 200mW Red Line Laser Module Industrial Grade Focusable


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Product Description:

650nm red laser line module manufactured from HTPOW combines with mature laser tech 650nm red laser with qualified optics, constant current driving circuit board, thermal emitting housing. It is providing the most reliable red laser source workable for a wide application fields. This red laser module allows easy adjustment of beam focus to obtain various diameter laser sources on various working surfaces. The adoption of durable aircraft used aluminum house assures sufficient thermal conductivity, calibration and shocking preventing.Direct diode emission 650nm red laser module offers high stability red laser source for industrial alignment, medical device targeting, scientific, military positioning etc.



●Direct diode emission obtains even stable laser radiation.
●Adjustable focus lens assures easy targeting. 
●Constant current supply for red laser module with stabilized thermal emitting.  
●Good performance in all working conditions. 
Item Red Laser Diode Module
Wavelength (nm) 650nm
Output power (mW) 200mW
Laser Class IIIb
Beam divergence (mrad) 0.1-2.0mrad
Focus adjustable? Yes
Operating voltage(v)  DC 3.3 - 3.5 V
Operating current (mA)  I<240mA
Operating temperature(℃) -10℃~50℃
Storage temperature(℃) -40℃~60℃
Dimension  D16mm×L65mm
Expected lifetime (hours) 10000 hours
Warranty Period One Year

200mW Red Laser Module

650nm Red Laser Module

Red Line Laser Module

Red diode Laser Module

200mW Line Laser Module

200mW diode Laser Module

HTPOW 200mW Red Line Laser Module


1x 650nm Red Laser Line Module


Never look directly into the laser aperture. Any exposure to laser beam at close distance can cause eye damage.

Only trained people are allowed to operate 635nm red line laser module. People should adjust the laser line generator to the best condition and operate under special alignment equipment.


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