50mw Shiny Stars Blue-violet laser pointer Copper Holder


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Product Description:

New arrival 405nm laser pointer, the beam color is blue-violet composite. Provide 5 different Lens & Focusing Caps, you can create 5 different shiny stars modals. In additional, the blue-violet beam is a little darker than green ones, can bring you the mysterious feelings. 


Material: Copper

Dimension: φ13.5*156MM

Wavelength: 405nm

Output Power: 50mw

Security Level: ClassⅢB

Circuit Control: Booster circuit with constant current

Light form: Dot + Starry

Spot Size: <φ18MM(at 10 meters)

Working Current: <60mA.

Working Voltage: DC=3-3.7V

Working Temperature: 0℃~+35℃

Pakaging: Velvet box


If you are feeling tired with red and green color beam laser pointers, this blue-violet color laser pointer is your best choice. 



1. Do not keep lighting the laser pointer more than 60 seconds, the high temperature will effect the life span.

2. Never beam into to eyes of persons or animals directly.

3. Take out the battery after if donot use. Keep away from children.




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