Higher Lighting Alignment Laser Line

Not the same as manual line drawing, alignment laser line operation has no strict limitation of work distance, but still keeping none mistake line alignment as expected. This laser line module is equipped with qualified laser lens, within wide laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, alignment laser line is available with different line length and line width. This focusable beam line laser module gets fixed line length and line thickness, thus it is very important for users to choose correct output power and laser lens degree.

The manufacturing of alignment laser line is paying high attention to its industrial stabilization, focusing on providing clear and accurate laser line positioning and alignment for various industrial mechanical processing and industrial inspection efficiently. Employed by import laser diode with wide selection of wavelengths and output power, alignment laser line is efficient enough to get the most satisfied line instruction efficiently.

The design of alignment laser line employs line emitting astronomy laser pointer lens, either seperate crystal lens or glass cylindrica lens is selectable. Comparing with formal equipped plastic coated plastic coated lens, both laser lens made laser line generators are getting super higher linear quality, keeping extremely high line straightness and fineness. For the most important of all, once laser line aligning is processed at very longer work distance or has to continue up 24 hours, laser line has no apperance of laser beam dim or blur.

Alignment laser line should only be used with correct output power and laser lens degree so as to get precise enough line positioning. Owing to its portable pen design and external DC power source, within about 0.5 meter to 3 meters distance, this alignment laser line can be freely installed on required processing machine or device, getting the best line positioning places efficiently and easily.

When different wavelength alignment laser line is selected, it will show different line positioning result. For instance, the most sensitive color green laser beam emitting green laser line is workable for higher lighting and super longer work distance, while formal 650nm wavelength made red laser line is workable for moderate accuracy line alignment and economic line measuring tool is looking for. Under special night vision illumination line alignment, infrared alignment laser line is the best choice to get satisfied line alignment in surveillance, military targeting, laser medical treatment etc.

Selection of Cross Laser Alignment
Different Wavelengths of Green Line Laser