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Fiber Coupled Laser System

According to fiber output, both visible laser and infrared diode laser system can be coupled with multimode fibers. It gets superior advantages of free changing of optical direction, which gets super nice application for detection equipment and medical equipment etc. Both fiber exit spot size and fiber length can be selected by customers freely.

Fiber coupled laser system integrates laser diode, resonator, fiber coupled optics, LD thermal control and crystal temperature control system into a durable and compact structure single unit, which is featured by small size, multi functions and durable structure. The special design of power conditioning, temperature control and LED display makes fiber coupled diode astronomy laser pointer widely applied for pumping, scientific research, industrial and medical fields etc.

In industrial application fields, fiber coupled laser system can effectively absorbed by metal and other materials, can be used for laser welding, drilling and material handling. The small numerical aperture and small core diameter of fiber improve the output brightness, laser power density and laser beam quality effectively.

Fiber coupled laser system is featured by high power, high brightness and continuous light output, which can easily achieve circular beam, small aperture and symmetrical spot shape. It is widely applied for medical treatment, material processing, solid laser pump, industrial and aviation etc. Fiber coupled laser module can fulfill required wavelengths specialized for solid state laser pump, medical diagnosis, and treatment of band.

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