445nm Glass Lens Blue Laser Line Generator

Owing to quite easy connect with an external electric power source of DC input power supply, this 445nm glass lens blue laser line generator makes immediate blue reference line targeting on different working surfaces. In addition, the real laser line alignment work is not the same as any other manual line drawing tool, when it is keeping highly bright blue laser beam and blue line targeting at quite long work distance, although the real line aligning distance is quite long or quite far away, it is also getting no barrier for users. Formally, under strict requirement of line thickness and line visibility, this 445nm blue laser module is accepting quite long work distance of 25 meters.

It is the most genuine experience for users to get the clearest line alignment with the assistance of a high power 445nm glass lens blue laser line generator. Only if this laser line module is properly used with correct output power and optic lens degree, it is easily getting a high linear quality blue laser line for different work places effectively. Among all selectable line drawing or line print tool, mechanical line alignments, it is just regarded as the most efficient and the lowest price line alignment solution for all kinds of precise machinery processing works.

This high power 445nm glass lens blue laser line generator is used in multiple working places, thus the real line alignment would be processed in different working occasion and temperature. It is bearing super wide range environmental temperature within -10 degree to 45 degree Cellules. At same time, under condition that blue laser module is getting correct selection of output power and optic lens degree, it is also generating super intense and powerful blue laser light and thermal energy in continuous line alignment. It is very important issue for users to wear a pair of laser safety goggles until getting the most secured line alignment easily.

Without serious barrier of real work distance, height or other working environments, the use of 445nm blue astronomy laser pointer line generator also gets no serious limitation of hard reaching work place or other corner place. This blue laser module is majority used as an accessory part of those of industrial device, allowing quite convenient carry and operation. Although it is getting quite high power range, however, it is still adopting 16mm or 26mm diameter laser tube. According to quite durable design with anodize aluminum alloy housing through oxygenized and statistic treatment, this laser line generator is able to bear stable enough blue line alignment under strong static, strong interference etc.

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