Laser Processing Technology

All along, the sheet metal industry users want to have a can both high-speed cutting sheet, but also high-quality cutting thick plate laser cutting machine. Currently, the market for laser sheet metal processing is mainly divided into gas lasers and solid-state lasers. Gas CO2 laser media, although both thin and thick plate can be cut, but in terms of processing efficiency, routine maintenance and use of almost no advantage. In contrast, solid-state lasers are more cost-effective but have a slightly less cutting quality. Imagine if you have a laser machine with solid laser light source, both for high-speed cutting sheet metal, but also to achieve high-quality thick-plate cutting, coupled with its cost advantage, it is the perfect combination. Because of this, it has also become the direction of many first-class laser manufacturers R & D.

The main reason why fiber lasers replace CO2 lasers is that the fiber lasers cut 3 to 5 times the cutting speed of CO2 lasers at the same power level. Most metallic materials have a higher absorptivity for a 1.08 μm fiber laser compared to a 10.6 μm CO2 laser. Compared with the above two wavelength lasers, the laser with the wavelength of 970 nm is the shortest wavelength laser currently used in the field of laser cutting.

In general, the fiber astronomy laser pointer cutting machine in the processing of thick metal materials, to ensure high-quality cutting surface is relatively difficult, so most laser manufacturers selling fiber laser cutting machine, the more emphasis is on high-speed cutting, cutting quality on the part High demand customers still use CO2 laser cutting machine. Direct semiconductor lasers have the advantage of reducing the roughness of the cut surface of thick metal materials to ensure high-quality cut surfaces while meeting the high-speed cutting needs of customers.

Both fiber lasers and disc laser systems require the addition of additional gain media to get a sufficiently high quality beam for material processing. Direct semiconductor laser diode laser as the core, the use of single-stage semiconductor devices to direct conversion of electrical energy into light, reducing the complexity of the resonant unit and the reflective components, so the laser energy consumption lower, higher photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Today, the application of laser processing equipment has become more and more widely, all walks of life can use laser processing technology. However, when you are using a laser cutting machine or laser engraving machine, whether it will be because of the device is not familiar with or improper operation occurs in the wrong direction, car, beam jitter, reset the car or cross the wall, the motor can hear significant Weng Ming Sheng and a series of questions.