Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Several types of linear shaft transmission methods commonly used in CNC laser cutting machines include ball screws, rack and pinion, and linear motors. Ball screw drive is commonly used in medium and low speed, small stroke CNC machine tools; gear rack and pinion drive is widely used, can achieve high speed, large stroke; linear motor is mostly used in high speed, high acceleration, CNC machine with special structure. In addition, the currently used rack and pinion is divided into two types: straight teeth and helical teeth.

Good meshing performance. When the spur gear is meshed, the contact line is a straight line parallel to the axis, so that a pair of tooth profiles enter or engage with the tooth width at the same time, which is easy to cause impact and noise, and the transmission stability is poor, and is not suitable for high-speed gear transmission. The contact line of the helical gear teeth is a straight line inclined with the gear axis. When the helical gear is engaged, the tooth height has a certain limit. Therefore, during the meshing of the two tooth profiles, the length of the contact line gradually increases from zero to a certain position. Later, it is gradually shortened until it is disengaged, that is, the helical gear enters and disengages gradually, so that the transmission is smooth and the noise is small, and the meshing manner also reduces the influence of manufacturing errors on the transmission. The degree of coincidence is large. The load of each pair of teeth can be reduced, thereby relatively increasing the bearing capacity of the gear, prolonging the service life of the gear and making the transmission smooth. The helical gears do not produce the minimum number of teeth that are less than the spur gears. Therefore, the helical gear transmission can obtain a more compact mechanism.

When the center of the nozzle is different from the center of the laser, the effect on cutting quality is as follows: the cutting section is affected. When the cutting gas is ejected, the gas volume is not uniform, which makes the cutting section more prone to the phenomenon of melting on one side and not on the other side. It has less influence on the cutting of thin plates below 3mm. When cutting plates above 3mm, its influence is more serious, sometimes it will be made. It can't be cut. Affecting the quality of sharp angle, it is easy to produce local overmelting when cutting work with sharp angle or small angle. When cutting thick plate, it may not be able to cut. Influencing perforation is unstable and time is not easy to control. The penetration of thick plates will result in overmelting, and the penetration conditions are not easy to grasp, which has little influence on the perforation of thin plates.

Therefore, the bigger the nozzle aperture is, the worse the protection of the focusing lens is. Because the spark of the melt splashes during cutting, the higher the probability of projection, the shorter the life of the lens. The concentricity of the nozzle center and the laser is one of the important factors that affect the cutting quality, especially when the cutting workpiece is thicker. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the concentricity of the nozzle center and laser in order to obtain better cutting section. When the nozzle is deformed or there is a melt stain on the nozzle, it will affect the cutting quality as mentioned above. Therefore, the nozzle should be placed carefully, and not be damaged to avoid deformation. The melt stain on the nozzle should be cleaned up in time. The quality of nozzles requires high precision in manufacturing and correct method in installation. If the cutting conditions are to be changed due to the poor quality of the nozzle, the nozzle should be replaced in time.

Metal laser cutting machine cutting high reflective materials is an important problem for many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers. Highly reflective metal materials have long been difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines, including copper, aluminum, gold, etc. These materials are also common materials in our daily processing. In fact, in the cutting of highly reflective materials, it is necessary to add some auxiliary gas to increase the cutting speed. Then why do you need to add auxiliary gas to cut highly reflective metal materials? When the metal laser cutter cuts the metal copper, the added auxiliary gas reacts with the material at a high temperature condition to increase the cutting speed, for example, oxygen can be used to achieve the combustion-supporting effect. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas for improving the cutting effect for laser cutting equipment. For copper materials below 1MM, metal laser cutting machine can be processed completely.

When using a metal laser cutting machine, there is no need to worry about whether or not the material can be cut. It is important to pay attention to the processing effect, and it is best to use nitrogen as the auxiliary gas. When the thickness of the metallic copper reaches 2 MM, if it is impossible to process using only nitrogen, it is necessary to add oxygen and oxidize it to enable cutting. Metal laser cutting machine processing is a technical activity. If you want to cut copper material to achieve better results, the technical requirements of the operator are also very high. Only good technology and good method can make copper material processing more simple.

Stainless steel is widely used in decoration engineering because of its strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, durable surface color, color changes with the light angle, etc. For example, in the decoration and decoration of various top clubs, public leisure places and other local buildings, it is used as the application materials of curtain wall, hall wall, elevator decoration, sign advertisement, front screen and other decorations. Laser cutting system is constantly improving high-tech, information technology, compared with the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, another revolution, has played a huge role in promoting the stainless steel decoration engineering industry. With the increasingly fierce market competition, this technology will play an increasingly important role and bring huge economic benefits.

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