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New Laser Technology in Metal Processing

Today's era is an era of development. Today's era is the era of science and technology. Today's era is an era in which the metal manufacturing industry plays an important role. In today's metal manufacturing industry, the use of sheet metal processes is becoming more widespread. From the beginning of the 21st century, the development speed of the sheet metal industry has exceeded everyone's expectations, and its position and share in the market is also constantly improving. This has great development potential and economic benefits for enterprises, and it is to improve the production of residents. There is also a certain driving force in the convenience of life. Market demand is an intrinsic factor driving the development of the industry. Due to the continuous improvement of productivity, many technological reforms have been developed, the most prominent of which is laser technology. With the intervention of laser technology, this situation has been greatly improved. On the one hand, due to the relatively mature domestic technology, on the other hand, the technical requirements for industry development are also constantly improving.

In the metal sheet metal process, the wide application of laser technology has provided a new economic growth point for the development of the industry, and it is also of great significance for the technological improvement of the sheet metal process. In the application of laser technology, due to its superior monochromaticity and directionality, it can provide a better technical guarantee for the precise positioning of the sheet metal process. It has extremely strong applications in punching and welding, marking and heat treatment. And the development potential, in terms of the current sheet metal process, the application of laser technology can not only shorten the working time of sheet metal processing, but also greatly improve the working efficiency of sheet metal processing, and at the same time reduce the mold to a certain extent. The amount of wear, so in the application of laser technology, the development of sheet metal process is more reasonable and scientific. The current data model laser cutting technology has formed a scale, and will be more widely used in the future of automobile manufacturing, metal material processing, and customized mold manufacturing. The promotion and application of new laser technology has provided a new development trend for both enterprises and industry development, and has a good effect in integrating resources and improving economic growth.

The introduction of a new automatic production line for sheet metal laser processing is of great help to the technological upgrading of sheet metal production. It can break through the bottleneck of current technological development to a certain extent and bring the advantages of laser technology into full play. Under the flexible production line, the monochromaticity and balance of laser are maximized, and the soft material is processed by laser. By streamlining the laser production process and joining the automatic production line, the accuracy of laser processing materials is also constantly improved. The precise control of temperature can make the physical and chemical properties of materials change abruptly, which has a certain role in promoting the study of the internal structure of materials. The high temperature conditions provided by laser make the fine operation of metal processing easier. At the same time, through precise control of temperature, the density of materials can be continuously increased, thus promoting the comprehensive performance of materials. By introducing flexible continuous production equipment, the cutting surface of the production product can be smoothed to the maximum extent, and the advanced automation technology has become the system and core of equipment control. The automatic and flexible control system improves the accuracy of all processing components, reduces the personnel settings on the production line, improves the processing efficiency, and saves the cost. In this sense, it also reflects a certain extent.

Compared with the traditional cutting machine, laser cutting technology has unique advantages in cutting effect and accuracy, and has a better performance in the actual operation and safety factor. In the actual cutting process, laser cutting speed is faster, the loss of material is smaller, and the performance in heating, deformation and other aspects is more prominent. And cutting has also begun to develop from simple binary operation to three-dimensional direction, which provides new technical support for material cutting. Because laser drilling is an automatic operation, it can solve the hole with diameter less than 0.2mm in the actual operation process. This is a challenge that traditional drilling technology can not complete. At the same time, the performance of deep excavation is better, the deepest can reach 10mm. This technology can fill the gap in the current drilling technology field to a certain extent, for mechanical design. It's very important.

Laser welding technology is one of the higher frequency applications in laser technology. Laser welding can achieve zero gap welding between parts with minimum 2mm, improve the stability of welding technology, provide technical support for vehicle weight reduction, and laser welding. The safety of the technology and the stability of the structure are higher than those of the traditional welding technology. It is widely used in the field of metal processing and has become the most widely used technology in the automotive field. For laser processing of metal materials, the defects contained are the defects of the material itself and the deterioration of the material quality caused by the deformation of the material itself during the actual processing. As far as the laser technology itself is concerned, there are no technical defects. Therefore, in the metal processing, the melting point of the metal and the temperature control of the laser must be considered. The intervention of the cutting process can reduce the transitional connection inside the metal and ensure the metal processing. The degree of precision, the control of the machining allowance and the processing coarseness can achieve a sufficient distinction between the two, laying a solid foundation for refined processing.

With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous development of the economic level, the application of laser processing technology will be continuously excavated. Due to its own high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, it will be used for the improvement of sheet metal processing technology. It plays a vital role and has a certain driving effect on the development of the industry, so its position in the actual market development is crucial. However, due to the current market development is not standardized, laser processing technology wants to be fully and effectively promoted, should be dissatisfied with the status quo to strengthen innovation, further exert the subjective initiative in the process of theory and practice, and strengthen the scientific research and development of laser processing technology.

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