Top Three Best Laser Pointers Review, Which one do You Choose?

High power laser pointer

First of all, the first one worth mentioning is a super-powered blue laser pointer that can be used to ignite matches, detonate balloons, and even repel birds. It is equipped with five laser heads that can illuminate a superb beam. It is the best-selling laser pointer in our store.

Green laser pointer

htpow green laser pointer

The green light pen is the abbreviation of “green laser pointer”, and the green laser pen can be called “pointer pen”, “green laser pen” and so on. The green light pen is the most popular laser pointer in the world, because the green light is 6 times brighter than the red light, the light column is more obvious than the red light, and the price is much cheaper than the blue light and the yellow light. Laser pen users generally use a green laser pointer. Click here to buy a green laser pointer.

Burning blue laser pointer

htpow burning laser pointer

This burning laser has a high power and a strong burning power. Rather than taking care of the small differences due to wavelengths, it is better to determine the power directly. 250mw red light should be stronger than 200mw blue purple, this is a fact.

These are the top three laser pointers in the world. By the way, you should pay special attention to safety when using the laser pointer. Do not use the laser pointer to face the eyes.

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