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How to Use a Laser Pointer Correctly?

In modern society, the use of laser pointers is becoming more and more common. It can be said that laser pens can be used in all walks of life. Many school stationery stores also buy toy laser pens, but the quality of these laser pens cannot be guaranteed. Students who purchase a high-power laser pointer can easily lead to accidental injury. How much harm does the toy laser pen have? It can be said that once the skin or eyeball is exposed for a long time, it is easy to cause irreversible damage.

Schools must publicize some campus safety knowledge. If you can't ban school stationery stores from selling off-campus stationery, you must tell the students more, don't bring the laser pointer into the school to avoid unnecessary accidents. How to use the laser pointer correctly? Be sure to learn more about the correct way to use the laser pointer to avoid potential safety hazards.

High-power laser pointers are dangerous

1. The laser pen has certain dangers, especially for high-power lasers for outdoor use, and laser flashlights for lithium batteries. After focusing, the focus of the laser has a certain degree of burning, which can cause physical damage. high power laser pointer

laser can't be aimed at others or yourself

2. When using, make sure that the laser can't be aimed at others or yourself. Be careful not to align the substances that are easy to ignite when using them at close range. The laser beam has a glaring effect at close range. Do not look at the distance for a long time, or deliberately observe the beam, the scattered light of the laser beam will make the eyes feel tired. how to use a laser pointer

Don't just pick up the laser pointer to someone else

3. Do not lend the laser pointer to others who do not understand the harmfulness of the laser. If you have to borrow, you must clearly inform the other party of the correct use and precautions.

HTPOW reminds everyone: Many laser pens with the toy flag do not meet the requirements at all, and they are very dangerous. Never use the laser pen as a toy to avoid physical damage to yourself or others.

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