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Laser marking, it sounds like we are far away from our lives, but in fact, there are many items related to it in daily life, such as the pattern on the jewelry, the brand logo on the back of the phone, the pattern of the glass inside and so on. Unlike traditional marking, laser marking is a technique that uses the high energy of the laser pointer to rapidly oxidize the surface material of the material, leaving a permanent mark. Therefore, not only can the surface of the marked product be refined, but also the surface of the marking surface is smooth and natural, and it is possible to carry out marking processing for a long time without adding a dye.

In the laboratory of Tianhong Laser of Zhejiang Qianren Plan Industrial Park, on a small stainless steel panel, a colorful butterfly is very beautiful and lifelike.

"Don't underestimate this little logo, which is given the latest international laser pointer identification technology - laser micro-nano technology." This technology is the "National Thousand Talents Program" talent Wu Dong and the team - Shaoxing Tianhong Laser Research and Development Co., Ltd.

According to reports, compared with the traditional dyeing and pigmenting techniques, this novel technology can have the advantages of color, environmental protection and reproducibility. In addition, it can also display different colors at different angles, which has an excellent anti-counterfeiting effect. Therefore, the high-tech can also be used in capsules, silverware, gold coins and the like.

Dr. Wu Dong and his technical team have been researching laser micro-nano processing for many years and have extensive engineering experience in laser micro-nano processing. "At present, most of the marks formed by laser marking on the market are the same or similar colors as the material itself. The color is single and the visibility is insufficient. For such industry pain points, we have been working on laser micro-nano processing technology. The technology is relatively mature, and can be directly produced on the surface of various materials such as metal, stainless steel, plastic, polymer, etc., without the rich color of coating."

"The color of the butterfly wings is rich in color, thanks to the multi-modulation effect of the surface micro-nano periodic structure on the diffraction and interference of incident light. This color belongs to the structural color." Dr. Wu explained that the company uses laser processing technology. The micro-nano periodic structure is processed on a metal surface such as stainless steel, and the laser pointer changes the optical characteristics of the surface of the material, thereby realizing a rich structural color without coating, and is an environmentally-friendly technology product.

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