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Remote removal of grid foreign objects laser pointer

In order to ensure the safety of electricity use, electricians inspect the wires and cables every day. If foreign objects are found on the wires, they must be cleaned in time. In the past, electricians had to clean up at high altitudes. It was very dangerous. Now, with the "laser pointer", the cleaning work becomes safe and efficient. How does the "laser cannon" work? Take a look together.

A laser beam can be operated at a long distance without the need to climb the high-voltage tower. With the help of the "laser cannon" in front of you, you can remove the foreign objects hanging on the wires under the high-voltage tower. The staff introduced that this "laser cannon" is actually a "grid foreign body remover", which is a set of remote removal system for grid foreign bodies based on ground-oriented emission energy. It is mainly composed of a laser generator, a sight, a hand-held controller, and a motorized tripod tripod.

Staff of the live working class of the transmission room of the State Grid Xiamen Power Supply Company: Now aim at this foreign object and clear it after aligning it.

Align the laser pointer emitted from the ground of the "foreign object remover on the power grid" with the wire winding at a right angle of 90 degrees, and adjust to the appropriate focal length and corresponding laser emission power. As long as the line distance is within 120 meters, the "laser cannon" is The winding can be cut off with a high-energy, high-temperature beam.

You Xiaohua, deputy head of the live working class of the transmission room of the State Grid Xiamen Power Supply Company: (winding foreign objects) mainly plastic films, kite lines, celebration balloons, shade nets, green gauze nets, etc. We found this foreign object according to its different materials Directly cut with different melting points. (Laser emission) The high temperature is 300, then our power line is basically aluminum, and the melting point of aluminum is 400 degrees, so it is not harmful to our body material.

It is understood that in Fujian Province, the State Grid Xiamen Power Supply Company was the earliest to use the “foreign power grid remover” to remove foreign objects. Since it was put into use last August, it has handled more than 50 foreign objects around the city. At the same time, this new set of equipment can not only completely replace dangerous manual operations, but also greatly improve work efficiency and save labor and material costs for high-altitude operations.

You Xiaohua, deputy monitor of the live working class of the transmission room of the State Grid Xiamen Power Supply Company: It takes half an hour to an hour for manual processing, and three or four hours if it is slow. If you use a foreign object remover, we basically set up a laser pointer to aim A foreign body can be resolved in about ten minutes after launch.

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