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Can a laser weapon use a mirror defense laser pointer?

However, the actual reflective ability of the mirror is limited by the smoothness of the surface. Since there is no absolutely smooth mirror in the world, it is impossible to reflect 100% of the laser energy back. It will occur when the energy absorbed by the mirror exceeds the limit it can bear. Damage effect. If it is assumed that the mirror can only withstand 100 Joules of energy and it can reflect 90% of the laser energy, then when the laser energy is greater than 1000 Joules, the mirror will be damaged. If the mirror can reflect 99% of the energy, then when the laser energy is greater than 10000 The Joule hour and minute mirror can be damaged. If the mirror can reflect 100% of the energy, the mirror will not be damaged. Therefore, it can be said that modern production technology cannot meet actual combat needs.

In fact, the best way to deal with the laser pointer is not to bump it back and reflect it, but to use the principle of prism deflection to change its trajectory. Simply avoiding its own key parts is success. For example, in the process of laser cutting of a machine tool, the laser beam is simply changed by a prism or even a more messy prism, and even slight weather changes in actual combat can make the laser ineffective. Clouds in the sky and water mist on the sea can produce the effect of a prism, thereby dissipating the energy of the laser beam. It is obvious that the energy of the laser beam shining through the kilometers may not be able to penetrate a layer of paper. It shows that laser weapon protection can be achieved by adding prisms or spraying water-mist-like reagents to make natural phenomena. Future laser pointers diverge as far as possible, coupled with the appearance of high temperature resistant equipment to finally resist the burning of laser weapons, thereby achieving Protection is no problem. But in the final analysis, the skills related to laser protection cannot be accomplished with a mirror.

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