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Develop laser weapons that can be used in military operations

Laser weapons can be divided into two types: tactical laser and strategic laser according to operational application. Tactical laser is a laser pointer weapon used for photoelectric confrontation and tactical air defense. It can instantly blind the eyes of enemy officers and soldiers and destroy photoelectric sensors to paralyze combat equipment. It can also directly burn through enemy tanks, aircraft, drones, missiles, etc. Important military target.

The strategic laser is a laser weapon used to attack strategic missiles and satellites in orbit. Deployed through ground or space orbit, it can destroy enemy satellites in wartime to gain the right to control the sky, and implement interception defense against enemy ballistic missiles. Because strategic laser weapons can attack various missiles coming from the enemy at a low cost, and destroy reconnaissance satellites and communication satellites in space, they are the most ideal weapons to seize the advantages of orbital space.

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In view of the important role and position of laser weapons in the future military combat applications, since the American scientist Mayman invented the world's first ruby ​​Laser Engraver in 1960, the military powers such as the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom have invested huge amounts of money and formulated a huge Research plans to develop laser weapons that can be used in military operations.

So far, some major military powers have developed various types of laser weapons using existing land, sea, air, and space-based equipment as platforms, and have initially achieved multiple operations such as satellite blinding, missile interception, and unmanned target aircraft damage. test. Compared with traditional weapons, laser weapons have many advantages such as fast attack speed, high accuracy of hitting, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, and high cost-effectiveness. They can play a unique role in photoelectric countermeasures, short-range air defense and strategic defense, which is the future development of weapons. Important direction.

It is difficult to hide the shortcomings in technology. Today, the red laser pointer weapon has experienced more than 50 years of technological development. It has made great progress in the miniaturization of equipment, increased launch power and rapid supply of energy. Some tactical laser weapons even It has been able to be put into practical use as a supplement to the existing equipment system, and has shown great potential and effectiveness in anti-terrorism, special operations, and short-range defense at sea.

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Strategic laser weapons have great application prospects