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Strategic laser weapons have great application prospects

Due to the extreme speed of light attack, laser weapons make existing weapons worthless in front of them and can be easily spiked. However, the laser pointer weapon is a huge system project from beginning to end, with a long development period and a large technical risk. Even though it has entered the edge of actual combat, there are still a lot of technical difficulties and application problems.

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Tactical laser weapons, because their launch systems are precision optical systems, are severely affected by atmospheric conditions, making it difficult to operate all-weather, especially in the complex natural environment conditions such as heavy fog, heavy rain, sand and dust, etc., they cannot play effective combat performance and survive on the battlefield. Capacity and environmental adaptability still need to be further improved.

In addition, although strategic laser weapons have great application prospects, they can completely change the traditional strategic deterrent mode and break the existing strategic balance. Before the problem is solved, it is still difficult to realize the actual use of actual red laser pointer military equipment and operations.

In addition, with the rapid development of aerospace technology, new missiles, hypersonic vehicles, orbit vehicles, and other weapons and equipment that pursue "the world's martial arts are only fast and unbreakable" have continuously emerged and are about to be put into actual combat. However, traditional weapons and equipment are limited by speed and cannot be achieved. Effective early warning and interception have led all countries in the world to face a new type of air military threat of "hypersonic velocity, high maneuverability, and high stealth."

Develop laser weapons that can be used in military operations
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