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The femtosecond laser is a fast process diagnosis in the field of ultrafast phenomena research. Femtosecond lasers are like an extremely fine clock and an ultra-high-speed "camera" that can analyze and record some fast processes in nature, especially at the atomic and molecular levels. The application of laser pointer in the super field (also called strong field physics) is due to the fact that the peak power and light intensity of femtosecond pulses with certain energy can be very high. The electromagnetic field corresponding to such strong light will be much larger than the Coulomb field in the atom, so that the electrons in the atom are easily stripped off.

Therefore, femtosecond laser is an important tool for studying high-order nonlinear and multiphoton processes of atomic and molecular systems. The energy density corresponding to the femtosecond laser can only exist in a nuclear explosion. Femtosecond intense light can be used to generate coherent X-rays and other very short wavelength light, and can be used for controlled nuclear fusion research. The femtosecond laser is used for ultra-fine processing. It is another important application research field of the femtosecond laser technology in addition to the research of ultrafast phenomena and super strong phenomena. This application has only started to develop in recent years, and there have been many important developments.

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The difference between femtosecond ultrafast and femtosecond ultrafast research is that femtosecond laser ultrafine processing is closely related to advanced manufacturing technology, which can play a more direct role in promoting the development of certain key industrial production technologies. Femtosecond laser ultra-fine processing is an extremely attractive frontier research direction in today's world of laser and optoelectronics industry. 4. New laser research: The green laser pointer rangefinder is the starting point of laser application in the military. Applying it to the artillery system greatly improves the artillery shooting accuracy. Compared with radio radar, laser radar has a large increase in measurement accuracy due to its small laser divergence angle and good directivity.

For the same reason, lidar does not have a "blind spot", so it is especially suitable for tracking and measuring the initial stage of the missile. However, due to the influence of the atmosphere, lidar is not suitable for searching in a large range, and can only be used as a powerful supplement to radio radar. There are also precise laser-guided missiles, as well as the use of laser weapon technology used in simulated battlefields. On the battlefield of laser actual combat exercises, it resembles an actual war scene.

The advantages of laser weapons: no need for ballistic calculation; no recoil; simple operation, flexible maneuverability, wide range of use; no radioactive pollution, high cost-effectiveness ratio. The classification of laser weapons with different power densities, different output waveforms, and different wavelength lasers will produce different killing and destruction effects when interacting with different target materials. There are many types of red laser pointer with different names. According to the working medium, there are solid lasers, liquid lasers and molecular, ionic and excimer gas lasers.

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