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The hottest topic in the laser pen exhibition

"No laser, no projection" can be said to be the hottest topic at the audio and video exhibition. When referring to laser projectors, laser pointer light sources must be mentioned. From 2016 to 2017, laser projectors can be described as popular, and there are a large number of new products launched at well-known exhibitions throughout the industry. It seems that a booth with laser projectors is a powerful performance of morale. For example, at the exhibition, the first public display of 12,000 lumens, 18,000 lumens laser projector, 8000 lumens 4K laser projector, laser ultra-short throw educational machine and many other heavyweight new products, laser projector product line has been sublimated from quantitative to qualitative changes.

Also in the education exhibition, the laser projectors carefully prepared and independently developed in the past 2016 were displayed. The brightness included 2800 ~ 20000 lumens, and all used laser display technology. It was oriented to the family, education, engineering and commercial fields. Multiple areas. User needs are changing, and the market will also change. Some new products are the best proof. It is foreseeable that laser projectors are the general trend of current projector manufacturers. So, what are the advantages of laser projectors in the audio and video industry in the future, attracting major manufacturers to dabble to get involved. At the same time, what are the challenges in the future?

High Power Green Laser 10000mW

"Light source" makes opportunities and challenges coexist. Nowadays, with the rise of laser light sources, the green laser pointer light source has gradually occupied the mainstream of the market in the high-end market. Traditional lamp projectors have been unable to compete with the new light source and have gradually withdrawn from this market. Of course, the development of laser projectors is getting faster and faster, which is an advantage.

The most direct and main advantages of laser light sources are high brightness, good color, low energy consumption, long life and small size. At the same time, there are only five laser sources with advantages. Although the LED light source is also very powerful, it can't break through in brightness. From the current situation, it can't always be in a horizontal line with the laser light source.

Everyone knows that the laser light source was still very marginal four or five years ago. Now under the pressure of the laser light source, the price of the traditional light bulb has been halved. It can be seen how powerful the laser light source is to the market. Especially the challenges encountered by the bright bulb light source are the biggest. For the lamp factory, it is facing a great challenge, and it is an unprecedented opportunity for the laser projector.

Of course, there are so many advantages. There is another old-fashioned problem of laser projectors, that is, laser light sources, which have higher costs. Especially when implementing color display, the brightness and life of the green light source do not match the red and blue colors. Many companies Launched two-color laser and three-primary laser RGB. Therefore, for the laser projector, the biggest challenge in the future is the cost. The cost of the laser light source has been reduced. The application of the laser projector is as ubiquitous as the "home-made meal".

The engineering projector market is an opportunity. As we have seen, laser projectors are high-consumption, high-cost applications, which have certain limitations in application, and are more used in engineering. The red laser pointer currently has two major characteristics: "select more" and the absolute advantage of the engineering market. More choices means that newly launched products and brands have basically covered all major forms and applications, and the market is more mature. The absolute advantage of the engineering market is mainly reflected in high-end applications that can meet 8000-30000 lumens. As engineering projectors have begun to mature, many manufacturers have launched projects that everyone can really accept. On May 23, NEC's "intelligent insight" 2017 engineering projectors new product launch conference, in-depth layout of the laser engineering projection market. It can be seen that the high-end field is a reserved place for lasers, and is also a strength to play.

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