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Cats with a healthy weight are happier, more agile, and live longer. This year is definitely your year to help Fat Cat become a slim, despicable ribbon purchase machine. Here are 18 ways to help your cat lose weight this year. Talk to your veterinarian. Talking about the cat's vet is the best first step. They can help you evaluate the cat’s starting point and any health issues that may hinder your progress.

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The Laser pointer counts calories. Did you know that the average indoor cat only needs to consume 20-30 calories per pound of body weight per day? Check your current cat food to see how it is piled up, and start measuring with each meal. Yes, there is a "diet" version of cat food! They are usually low in calories and high in nutrients; if you really want to switch, please switch the laser pointer gradually in about two weeks to prevent cats from hunger strike. The exchange will entertain time... not even let us start to provide cats with human food to hunt cats. Every time the cat is fed, the cat’s food is moved to a new location. The thrill of hunting not only excites her, but she will also do some extra exercises in the house.

Consider canned food. Can canned food be healthier? Cats tend to love canned food, and the controlled parts make it more difficult for him to overfeed. Please be sure to check the calorie content before buying. Cats are more inclined to "eat" dry food all day long than dogs, but this can lead to overeating. Try to get rid of this habit by leaving their food for an hour at mealtime and then taking it out. Cats are designed to perform short anaerobic exercises, not long exercises like dogs. Mini games throughout the day are the best way.
Make the game time more attractive. Don't expect a lazy cat to play by itself. The rope on the rope, the aluminum foil ball, the laser engraver... all of them can make you play and bond fast and fun.

5000mW Laser Pointer 5W 532nm Green

Snacks. we know! Your cat likes blue laser pointer. But they can hide sneaky calories, and most pet owners give them multiple times a day. Consider a feeding ball. If your cat still likes dry food, please pick up a feeding ball and force her to work for each nugget. She will be happy to push the ball to the side while still being able to do more sports. Create more "outbreaks."

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