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Basic Training For Cats To Play Laser

Both are very basic, but we all have to learn. Because playing with pets incorrectly can have serious consequences. A few days ago, I read an article about "play time error" and I respect cat experts. Her lesson: Don’t use your hands as toys. This is not a wrestling match. Don't stop your cat from succeeding. Don't hang toys on the cat's face. Don't end the game suddenly.

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I used the Laser pointer with the cat. The pointer setting can even project a mouse-like image, and Merrick often chases it. But it was true, and he was not satisfied to capture it in the same way as one of the other toys.
Excellent physical exercise. Let's face it: The life of a domestic cat is rather monotonous. When wild cats climb trees, cross the ground, hide in grass, track lunch and track time, domestic cats spend most of the day looking for the best place to sleep (which eventually becomes a keyboard). This lifestyle can make cats feel bored and uncomfortable, and in some cases even become obese. Cats may be too lazy to play with old-fashioned physical toys, but they almost never reject red dots. So this is fun and a real exercise!
When I have been following the Jackson Galaxy TV show "My Cat in Hell", I will send these instructions, and noticed that game time errors often appear and cause hell behaviors of many cats. The time is up, laser engraver and the game time with gadgets has become too much, which makes the abdomen itchy, creepy, and there are many human companions in battle.
That partner will always be a man. People who play with cats are like dogs. It seems that every week, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy must try to reform some people's cat playing skills. Maybe these people grew up with dogs, or at least fit the way dogs like to play. Maybe they just don't do "tenderness" (though obviously many people do).
Great mental stimulation. Cats were domesticated 5,000 years ago, but they have been used to catch mice for a long time, so their lives have never been so lazy. If your cat stays at home alone most of the day, the cat laser pointer can provide critical stimulation and prevent them from becoming too boring.

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Keep the water flowing. Sometimes cats feel "hunger" when they are bored. If the game time does not work, please drink a bowl of blue laser pointer for her to drink something.Put some climbing posts. Your cat is not a climber? If she has a trekking pole, maybe she will! Giving your cat some low-intensity exercise options may encourage your cat to exercise more than you think.

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