Cat Toy Kids Laser Pointer 3 in 1 Red 5mw LED Light Money Detector ****GIFT****

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Product Description:

Cat Chasing laser pointer lights gives your pet plenty of exercise, Cat Laser pointer help you forge a stronger bond with your cat through playing and fulfill your cat's natural drive to stalk prey.

Laser pointers used to be the sole domain of business presentation makers and public speakers, but now they're ubiquitous. As many pet owners (and pet toy producers) have realized, cats love chasing tiny bright dots. Given minimal precautions, laser pointers are safe toys that keep your cat active and happy. Tiny laser pointer for sale at HTPOW,come and order now!

Cat Laser Pointer Features:

Brand New and high quality.
3 in 1 Mini Laser Pen Pointer LED Torch Light Keychain.
2 buttons to control the Laser Beam and LEDs.
Laser Pointer Keychain included, easy to carry around, great for outdoor,money detector,cat toy.
Max Output: 5mW.
Wavelength: 650mm+/-10.
Laser Color: Red
Pen Length: 7 cm
Battery Type: 3*AG3 battery(included).
Package includes:
1 * Red Laser Pointer Pen

Product Photos:

Cat VS Laser Pointer

 5mw cat laser pointer green

Cat Laser Pointer Pen

Cat Laser Pointer Pen

Cat Chasing Laser Pointer

laserpointer red

laserpointer red 5mw

Use Tutorials:


Kids Laser Pointer Note:

1. We don't offer the color choice, the color would be sent Randomly,please note and thanks for your understanding.
2. Do not irradiate on eye directly.