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Imaging For Real-time Analysis Green Laser Pointer



Watch from the accident scene video. The self-driving green laser pointer accident car was speeding at a time with extremely poor light conditions. It can even be said to be completely dark on the road. The only light comes from the headlights of the car. The victim appeared in front of the car in such an environment. In addition, the car was extremely fast and was knocked down instantly. Obviously, neither the testers in the car nor the self-driving cars could respond in time. However, should people not respond, should autonomous vehicles not respond? The emergence of autonomous vehicles is only liberating the driver's hands. "Driving technology" is only as good as human drivers. The green laser pointer answer is obviously negative.





So what exactly made this self-driving car "miss". Before answering this question. We need to understand how this accident car is self-driving. According to the pictures of the accident scene, this accident self-driving car was developed by its advanced technology department. According to the previously disclosed relevant information, the car should be equipped with a complete set of sensor systems: the top lidar, which can generate 3D imaging around the car at multiple speeds per second; the front-end radio wave radar, located in front of and behind the car. Can realize 360-degree no dead angle detection. Short and telephoto optical cameras. Real-time analysis of green laser pointer imaging.

Due to the visibility of the beam at a long distance, the alignment laser is especially suitable for remote areas and harsh operating environments. All laser modules adopt the original laser diode, long service life, good stability, constant output power, small size, easy installation, long continuous luminous time. The application of industrial collimating laser effectively guarantees the stability and service life of the product. The collimating laser dc power supply provides 3-5V voltage for effective laser collimation. Equipped with special DC input power for special output power, with strong anti-interference, high stability, slow start surge current suppression and other characteristics. The specially designed power supply makes the collimating laser especially suitable for harsh working environment and effectively ensures the stability and long service life of the collimating laser.

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