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Crow repelling blue laser pointer



Crows are everywhere, some crows attack people. I tried various methods such as repelling crows with ultrasonic waves, repelling with straw dolls, repelling with music, repelling with stones, repelling with solar energy, but it is not effective, what should I do? ..

Is the laser beam effective in getting rid of crows?
Crow extermination measures: In recent years, mysterious weapons have emerged on the market. Scientists invented a weapon that repels birds. This is a super powerful blue laser pointer crow repellent. Use the ray principle to repel crows





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So which should I choose, the green crow laser repellent, the blue crow laser repellent, or the red crow laser repellent?
Answer: You can also repel the green 200mw laser, but the effect is not very good.
If you want the effect of repelling instantly, you should use 3000mw-10000mw green laser and 1000mw or more blue laser pointer. The 10,000 mW Blue Laser Pointer and the 10,000 mW Green Laser Pointer are sacred treasures that instantly repel. (Caution: Repel crows, not kill them) For red lasers, it is better to have 3000mw or more. (Red laser is not so effective than green laser and blue laser, so we recommend green light and blue light with high power)

After receiving the 1000mw laser pointer, charge the battery first before using it. If you don't have enough battery, the light will be weak, it's not a product problem, please charge the battery or replace it with a new one. (When charging, the charger will show a red light. After a full charge, the charger will automatically stop charging and show a green light. Please remove the charger to avoid overcharging. .) I'm worried about using a laser-based lithium battery for a long time, and even if I don't use it, I should get into the habit of charging it once a month.

2022-02-15 11:18:46

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