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Cause of crow attack:

The cause of the attack depends on the season.

Causes of being attacked from April to July:

Because they are trying to drive people away to protect their eggs and chicks.April to July is the breeding season for crows.Many wild birds, not just crows,When a foreign enemy approaches the nest, it will attack to drive it away.

In the case of crows, these days, we are raising children in the immediate vicinity of people, such as roadside trees and garden trees.

Therefore, the nest and the person get close to each other abnormally, so they start attacking.However, if there is a nest, it does not always attack people, but there is a certain tendency.

Rare example

Recently, there have been reports of rare attacks outside the breeding season.

I was attacked while holding a cat

I was attacked while wearing a chinchilla faux fur scarf





Attacked in the garbage dump

It seems that you may be attacked if you have a fur-like object.

The mechanism has not been clarified.

Also, it seems that attacks may occur in connection with the fact that you are saving food.

Attack pattern:

Crows always aim at the back of the head and can be footed.

Don't poke with your beak.

In a study investigating crow attacks, 43% of those who declared crow attacks were in contact with crows.

More than half of them perceived threatening behavior as an attack because of their prejudice and fear of crows.

The direction of attack is 96% from behind

The attack point is "human head" 95%

The method of attack is "getting on your feet" 81%

Degree of injury 18% of "bleeding"

Crow blue laser pointer Reputation List:
Customer Feedback 1: Used to repel pigeons

I'm having trouble with the barking and droppings of pigeons flying day and night, so I suddenly came up with the idea and purchased it with reference to reviews of other similar products.

Pigeons can't escape by threatening them with sound. I also bought a slightly powerful air gun for repelling, but it was effective as it was, but it was difficult to hit it, and I could not use it frequently considering the effect on other places.

With this laser pointer, you will surely escape. Above all, you can guess the correct answer. Simply irradiate the wall near the pigeon with a laser and slowly aim at the pigeon. There is no influence on the surroundings. It can be hit by a pigeon waiting on the roof of the building opposite, and the pigeon also runs away.

2022-02-15 11:21:23

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