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Introducing red laser pointer tools for cats



Cats are pretty athletic animals, and when you run and play, you get tired and lose your strength. In this case, a secret tool appeared-2in red laser pointer for cats.Shooting red light, showing the curiosity of the cat, "Hey, I'll catch you!". Cats that can't be caught even if they are caught are more crazy, and you can laugh at them when you see them chasing this red dot here and there. Feel free to play with cats and feel good about yourself.

Types of laser pointers for cats
This kind of laser pointer is not only red but also green. Not only for cats, we also recommend leather pointers for meetings, expeditions, exhibitions, tourist leaders and many other places, as shown in the picture below. Wide range!





Laser pointer cat

When the brightness of the laser pointer beam becomes low, charge or replace the battery.

Be careful not to put the laser pointer 5000mw in a place of water or moisture.

Do not drop the product from a high place or perform violent acts such as applying a strong impact.

Install the batteries in the correct direction.

Do not irradiate transportation such as airplanes, cars, and bicycles with a laser pointer!

Don't shoot people's houses! You should avoid civil conflicts as it will affect you.

When not using the 3000mw laser pointer, remove the battery and keep it out of the reach of children.

It's a fairly practical secret tool, but there are some things you need to be careful about when using it.
Due to its high output power, for the safety of your beloved cat, please be careful not to expose it directly to the cat's eyes. Of course, please refrain from pointing directly to humans or other animals.

2022-02-15 11:20:28

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