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LED module usage and precautions 1000mv laser pointer



LED dedicated switch power supply. It can be moisture-proof, but not waterproof. Therefore, when the 1000mw laser pointer power supply is placed outside, waterproof measures are required. All LED modules are low voltage imports and the power supply is required to be installed within 10 meters of the LED light emitting module.





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1: The switch power supply has already adjusted the export voltage according to the characteristics of the LED module, so don't touch the voltage adjustment button without permission during use.

2:” All LED modules are low voltage imports and the power supply is required to be installed within 10 meters of the LED light emitting module.

3: LED has positive and negative electrodes, so make sure to match the positive and negative electrodes when installing. If you do it the other way around, it won't emit Rechargeable Laser Pointer light, but it won't damage the LED module, don't worry. It's okay if you reattach it.

4: LED module is low voltage import, it should never come in direct contact with 220V voltage without going through power supply. Please note that direct contact with 220 voltage is likely to burn the module.

5: When installing the LED module, use double-sided tape or woodworking tape to properly attach the groove of the module and the polymer board. When using double-sided tape, it is safer to attach a little glass tape, but if you do not attach the glass tape, the sun may shine for a long time and the module may fall off, so be careful!

6: When installing the module inside the LED emission letter or box, use as many quadrants and quadrants as possible to make one circuit or several.

7: Do not exceed 50 modules in contact with the power port. Otherwise, the tail module will be dimmed due to voltage weakening. Of course, when it comes to circuits, you can avoid the debilitating situation, but don't overdo it.

8: LED modules that have not been waterproofed are required to take measures to prevent rainwater from entering when they are installed inside LED light emitting characters or boxes.

9: The gap between modules can be adjusted by brightness requirements. It is better to distribute 50 to 100 modules per square meter.

10: When connecting the blue laser pointer power line to the inside of the box, it is necessary to first attach the quadrant or the ternary line to the appropriate quadruple or triplet. After touching the inside of the box, tie a large knot to prevent derailment due to outside pressure.

11: There are 12 ~ m and 15 ~ m2 lengths of the single line, which may be used depending on the actual situation. The part that jumps up (including the rest that is not used) needs to be fixed to the bottom plate of the letters with glass tape.

12: When installing, be careful not to push out the parts of the module, break the parts and affect the overall effect.

13: I designed a hook on the socket so that it would not fall out of the socket. If there is a problem when inserting, pull it out and insert it again. Please note that it may fall off if it is not adhered properly.

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