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Millimeter wave radar. It is a green laser pointer radar that works in the millimeter wave band. It can penetrate fog, smoke and dust, has the characteristics of all weather (except heavy rain) and all day, and is extremely sensitive to metal. And because the size of the optical region corresponding to the short wavelength of the millimeter wave is smaller, it is more suitable for short-range detection below 30km. But it can only recognize that there is a clump of things ahead. I don't know what it is.





Because green laser pointer is low cost and the technology is relatively mature. Millimeter wave radar is the most common application in current autonomous driving sensors. Although it is not known how the self-developed lidar and other sensors use the actual performance, it is certain that, in addition to the limited performance of the sensor itself, the self-driving car has an accident under this scheme. The solution must have failed to achieve 360-degree dead angle detection. The green laser pointer is not enough to ensure that the car is in a poor light environment. Driving under extreme weather conditions.

Industrial alignment lasers can achieve accurate and precise point, line and cross positioning. To meet various alignment and calibration requirements, spot, line, cross, and parallel line projection alignment lasers are available to achieve the desired objectives in operation. With clear and fast dots, lines, crossings or parallelism, the laser modules are easy to install, providing complementary products and technical support for manufacturers of various industrial equipment.

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