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Technology Can Make A Qualitative Leap Green Laser Pointer



Talking about the development direction. green laser pointer cost and volume are the biggest breakthroughs for HLD. Because it is limited by the product itself, it is difficult for HLD to fight laser light in brightness. However, if the cost and volume can be made lower, then even if the two-color laser is widely used, HLD will still have its market demand. By then, HLD will be more used in the home and education markets with better color performance. In the high-end and engineering fields, it will be the world of green laser pointers. This will form a dichotomy.





With the continuous improvement of user needs, traditional light bulbs will gradually be eliminated by new light sources. The two giants, laser and HLD, are bound to start more fierce competition. At present, when the cost of two-color lasers is too high, HLD has more color advantages than single-color lasers, so it also has a certain market space. Looking to the future, both laser and HLD will develop at a high speed. Whether HLD can have a solid position in the market depends largely on whether it can achieve volume and cost breakthroughs faster. If the cost of lasers has fallen sharply, and before the widespread use of two-color, HLD technology can make a qualitative leap. Then he will have the opportunity to dominate the market with green laser pointers.

The most popular medical use of lasers is to treat sports injuries. Many elite athletes around the world use blue laser pointer therapy to speed up their recovery because: There is more published clinical and physiological evidence supporting the use of lasers and LED photobiomodulation to treat soft tissue injuries and joint conditions than any electrotherapy method traditionally used by doctors and physicians. Physical therapist; It is considered by research experts to be the safest "electric therapy"; Application is quick and easy; It can be used immediately after injury for pins, plates and bone protuberances. Lasers are coherent light. That is, it is light, in which packets of photons are organized and travel to the same beat. Everyone has heard that lasers can blind you, it's true. Store-bought red laser Pointers will always be "near-infrared" lasers in the 630-670 nm range. It's not "radiation," just like X-rays. It's not ionizing radiation like uv, which means it doesn't cause skin cancer or similar diseases. It doesn't affect DNA unless it's used at a dose hundreds of times higher than anything I recommend. It's just highly organized light. The only reason lasers can burn and cut is because you can focus light with a lens in front of a red laser. Otherwise, the light will spread out like a flashlight. I can take a magnifying glass and use the sun to burn as much paper as a focused laser can burn.

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