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How Lidar Steadily Develops Green Laser Pointer



Green laser pointer radar is a bottleneck sensor for autonomous driving and unmanned driving. Its strategic value and huge development potential cannot be ignored by any country. However, any new technology requires a long period of maturity. For driverless technology, due to the impact of complex factors such as technology, law and even ethics, it must take a longer time from technology budding to application explosion. time. According to Yole's prediction, it is estimated that by 2045, the proportion of sales of cars with autonomous driving functions (L3 and above) will exceed 70%. This will obviously be a long and arduous wait. A large number of enterprises have left because of the lack of funds. As the upstream technology of the autonomous driving and driverless industries, the lidar industry also faces the same embarrassment, except for "early bird early" (high market share) and a few mapping lidar (high value of single product) Outside of the main enterprises, most green laser pointers radar companies have no way to break even. It is also a sigh often issued by most entrepreneurs in the circle.





When self-driving and autonomous driving propaganda is in full swing. Some green laser pointers radar manufacturers have quietly turned their attention to shorter technology paths. Other pan-traffic fields that land faster and have achieved good results, and one of the very valuable scenarios is "smart traffic condition monitoring". Considering the reasons of detection distance, cost, frame rate and reliability, the laser radar used in the field of intelligent transportation basically abandoned the mechanical solution, most of them chose the MEMS solution, and according to the only domestic MEMS scanning module shelf product supply Knowing the feedback of Micro-Sensor, its low-cost P1130K module developed specifically for the field of intelligent transportation has completed winter small batch environmental verification from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018. Has received 10k-level bulk orders. It shows that the application of green laser pointer radar in the field of intelligent transportation has entered a stage of steady development.

Especially below zero temperature, the light of the laser pointer may appear weak or even unable to start. In winter, laser users should pay special attention to the surrounding environment to ensure the normal operation of the laser pointer. In order to simplify the process and save time, please provide clear pictures of specific questions for reference when you contact us the first time.
This green-line laser aims to project a laser beam with a special uniformly distributed non-Gaussian light. Laser fan angles of 5°, 10°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120° can be customized. This advanced alignment laser is widely used in industrial equipment, precision machining, measuring equipment, image processing systems, textile fabric processing, etc.

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