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How to choose a laser pointer correctly?

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There are so many types of laser pointers in the market with different of beam colors,output power and size etc.. Choose a wonderful laser pointer that is proper for you is an important thing since you may use different lasers at different fileds. Here are some tips on how to choose the best laser pointer for you.


Choose a proper beam color


The beam colors we see with the naked eye produced by any laser pointer are determined by wavelength. Here are the common wavelenths:

532nm: Green Laser Pointer

650nm: Red Laser Pointer

445nm: Blue Laser Pointer

405nm: Purple Laser Pointer

580nm: Yellow Laser Pointer


Does it features Focus Adjustable ?


This is a very popular feature for both high power burning laser pointer as well as lower power units. Many users prefer the focus adjustment options as it offers you more control over the lasers output and brightness.It's a common question we come across and are asked pretty frequently,"what's the advantage of a focus adjustable laser pointer? Having the ability to focus or widen a beam can allow you to pinpoint targets at distance more effectively, whether for search and rescue, construction, star gazing, military applications and more.


What's your application?


If you just want a laser for teching, guiding and some other activities need highlight something, a small size laser pen will be your best choice,cause it is cheap and portable.If you plan to use your laser at outdoor activities, a military laser flashlight will be your favor laser.This kind of laser can be used as a burning laser to make a fire.You can also use it as an astronomy laser,since its ultra-powerful feature. Self-defense. High-power laser pointers are dangerous when you shoot at humans or animals, and it can burn your skin or blind your eyes for a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, like a knife or a gun, the powerful laser pointer is strong enough for self-defense.


Other tips

  • Price. Whether you can afford the price of it
  • Shape style. Laser flshlight or a laser pen
  • Safety features. Whether a safety lock is available
  • Occasions. Different occasions need different laser
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