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Burning Laser Pointer

Different from laser pen, a powerful burning laser pointer is an awesome thing to have if you are looking for a somewhat baroque way to get the barbecue going or if lighting the bonfire needs some spicing up.It uses a powerful laser pointer beam to set fire to flammable substances like paper, cigarettes, matches and other combustible agents.It does this by using light to concentrate heat at a single point, resulting in combustion after a long enough period to reach the object's flash point. These wand-like devices are great for science enthusiasts, too, as they provide an easy way to establish many qualities about various substances, including flash point, boiling point, and other transitional states. With proper supervision, they can be an exciting way to introduce a child to the disciplines of science. You can find a burning laser pointer in ( violet, blue, yellow, red, green laser pointer )the vast inventory on HTPOW.