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The Product Safety Act states that laser designators must be properly classified according to DIN 60825-1. Therefore, as a user, you can identify the laser pointer category in the instruction manual and on the device label. green laser pointer should not be used if they are not accompanied by instructions in their native language or labelled. It is illegal to use Roman numerals (for example, category I or II) for this purpose. The designation indicates that laser equipment is not classified according to existing European standards. The red laser designator is the simplest because the laser diode can be used as a full 650nm or 635nm laser diode. Nothing more than batteries, red laser diodes and circuit boards. One would find that green laser Pointers between 1mW and 5mW are not bright enough to be visible in astronomy. The beam would become dark and gloomy in the sky. Conversely, high-power lasers can damage the retina and cause serious air accidents.




Getting a green laser pointer doesn't come naturally, but it's often considered the most visible demonstration tool. The green DPSS laser converts electrical energy into infrared light at 808nm, which is then sent to a neodymium crystal that converts perhaps 50% of the electrical energy into infrared light at 1064nm. A 1064nm beam is then sent to a KTP crystal, which converts 50% of the 1064nm green light to 532nm. There was a long process before I finally got it. Pointing a laser pointer at an aircraft is extremely dangerous. When the laser beam is projected onto the goggles, the pilot may not see anything. It makes you completely blind, you can't see anything. Of all the lasers available, the green laser is most obvious in the dark because its green color is most sensitive to the naked eye. Even a 5mW green laser pointer can cause temporary damage to the retina if the laser is pointed at an Angle to the glass. A powerful beam of visible light and green high powered laser can severely damage the eyes and cause temporary blindness.

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