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The effect of high-power laser pointer on animals

Nowadays, high-power green laser pointer are not only used to illuminate games and balloons. There are many loads in the real world that use bright laser beams to achieve specific goals. It starts with search and rescue, construction, drilling, mining, etc. Nowadays, lasers are used more and more in various ways. The number of homeowners and airports using powerful green lasers as pest control equipment is increasing, especially for driving geese. The best choice is the green laser pointer. Since the 532nm green laser is the brightest color in the human eye, the green laser is 5-10 times brighter than any other color laser. The laser alignment produced by the green laser line is a newly developed product. The original imported glass-coated cylindrical lens and laser diode are used to ensure that the laser line with the longest distance of 6 meters is always produced. Usually the aiming distance of 3-5 meters can get the best line centering effect.



Usually, when we think of search and rescue personnel, we think of helicopters and ships helping people in need under the worst conditions. Today, these teams use high-power high powered laser pointers to guide their life-saving work in a variety of ways. One approach is to be able to target specific areas or individuals that most need air or sea care. Similarly, if people find themselves lost in the wilderness and are conducting search and rescue operations, in many cases, the intense laser can reach 20 miles at night, which makes detection and rescue more likely. Every life-saving professional knows this value, and it can cover a long distance. This green laser line is specially designed for fixed focus. After the correct choice of lens degree, output power and aiming distance, this laser alignment will make the best line to produce results and provide working distance.

2021-12-22 12:22:44

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