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The laser pointer also features lighting distance

Because of the small divergence Angle of the 500mW laser, the phosphor stimulated by green laser pointer is smaller than the LED point and easier to group. In the early application of projection, gas lamps, mercury lamps and other light sources were selected. These lamps were widely distributed, and it was necessary to combine several complex optical systems to achieve projection, which would lead to the passing of a large number of optical systems in the later period. As a result, the light source is only about 3% efficient. Existing leds can convert efficiency to 30-40%, and if lasers are used as a light source, efficiency can be increased to more than 60%. At present, laser pointer chip lighting rather than LED chip is mainly in the projection. Laser projection is superior to LED projection in brightness and color saturation, but its high price has not become the main market of projection market. In most civilian stages where brightness requirements are not high, LED projections below 3000 lumens are cost-effective. 5000 lumens, LED projection price skyrocketed, and laser projection is more competitive. With current LED technology, it is impossible to achieve projected power of 10,000 lumens. Therefore, in wanlumen above the high-end professional projection market, laser lighting can be said to be a big hotspot.



Laser lighting has great advantages in brightness, efficiency, color effect and so on. As the technology matures and the cost decreases, it will occupy an important position in the future lighting market. However, the nature of lasers means that they cannot completely replace leds, which continue to dominate more divergent light source applications. With the advent of the era of Iot lighting and ARTIFICIAL intelligence lighting, LED and laser technology will find broader prospects. Load the new battery into the remote green high powered laser pointer. Since the ability to strike a match depends on the energy of the laser beam, a fully charged battery helps ensure that the beam operates at full power. Use masking tape, a small amount of clay, or other methods to protect your game. Do not use books or matchboxes to fix the game, as this will cause a fire and no one will be holding it. It can cause burns. Make sure your matches are in an area free of flammable materials.

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