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Lasers are measured in milliwatts (mW) or in watts (W) for more power. Power ranges from 5 mW to 60W, depending on the model and beam color. So what power output is right for you? It depends on what purpose you plan to use the laser for. If you are looking for thermal lasers, no less than 200mW is recommended as a general guide. Although many people believe that the color of the laser beam has no effect on the likelihood that it will burn. The mW (milliwatt) output power completely determines the combustion capability of any laser. As a general rule of thumb, 200mW should be the minimum power required for a burning green laser pointer (any laser color), and of course, the higher the power, the more likely it is to burn. Typically, a 532nm green laser is 5-7 times brighter than any other color laser at the same power. Whether it's blue, red, purple/purple, or lighter colors like yellow, green is the best visibility force. For example, a 100mW green laser is actually 5-7 times brighter than a 100mW red or purple laser designator. So if you want to raise awareness, make sure you think green first. If you want to improve visibility and sculpting, consider blue. If you want to be famous or famous, you can try a green laser pointer. This laser pointer is a very cool gadget that can be used as a toolbar demo tool, as well as star research and astronomy in astronomy.



This 10000mW green high powered laser is the most powerful laser we have today. Recommended for outdoor use only, very suitable for astronomical use, its beam is particularly noticeable at night 10000MW laser can also see its beam during the day, when the brightness drops slightly. The range is about 5 kilometers. This reprehensible and particularly dangerous little "game" was reported to the Air Transport Gendarmerie. North Carolina state police spotted the "sniper" at Laser Astronomy in the Belfontaine area of Toulouse on Saturday night and arrested him around 11 p.m. The teenager was heard by military police and handed over to his parents. It also depends on the type of application you will be using the laser for. At the same output power, the 532nm green laser is about seven times brighter than any other color. But when you consider the burning power, it's all about mW power, not color, that determines how a laser burns. No matter what color or model you consider, the higher the mW power, the higher the combustion capacity. In addition, people can still use it as a common tool for presentations, business meetings, teaching, etc. The low-power green laser pointer is bright enough to give the user a clear view of the screen in front of it. When people are looking for laser Pointers in their daily lives, laser Pointers are a good choice.

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