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Green laser pointer with 24 hours of battery life

Avoiding any possible green laser attenuation or blurring, it has only passed the anti-aging test for up to 24 hours and specially uses a glass window in front of the laser beam aperture. No matter what work surface it is pointed to, after professional use by skilled users, this green dot high power laser pointer alignment just achieves good laser recycling and the clearest point measurement of all precision equipment manufacturing jobs. Lidar sensors are expensive, with a single sensor costing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Currently, most test vehicles are equipped with several of the best combustion lidar radars. Lidar is also in short supply, even though there are few vehicles on the road. Recently, it was reported that while lidar makers are working to increase production capacity, customers have to wait about 6 months to get their hands on new sensors.



With the special use of laser alignment mounting brackets and extension cords, this compact 5mW 532nm green dot laser module achieves a maximum mounting distance of 3 meters and can easily project the green dot onto any vertical or horizontal surface. With the simple screw of its adjustable focus optics and high-speed green laser focusing, this green alignment laser achieves the most accurate green spot projection and achieves spot diameters as small as 0.3mm at a distance of 10cm.

This 650nm 5mW red line green laser pointer module can select the right glass lens power in a wide range of fan angles from 10 degrees to 110 degrees in many industrial line measurement work fields. It provides the most satisfactory line positioning results for laser cutting, textile processing, stone, wood and metal processing, etc. The laser line generator is always able to work with clear and sufficiently fine red line projections on multiple work surfaces, and to obtain satisfactory line positioning results at close distances and indoors, etc.

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