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Free Electrons Have Higher Brightness Laser Pointer



Hard X-ray free electron laser pointer has higher brightness. Shorter pulse structure and better coherence. It can provide higher peak X-ray brightness than the third generation synchrotron light source. With nano-level ultra-high spatial resolution and femtosecond ultra-fast time-resolution capabilities. In addition, X-ray free electron lasers can enhance the research ability of the microcosm from taking “molecular photos” to making “molecular movies”. It can also be used for material-, single-molecule, super-strong and ultra-short single-particle imaging. And the needs of multiple experimental stations such as extreme photophysics.





This large laser pointer user device will provide scientists with a large time span (seconds to sub-femtoseconds). Understand the structure-activity relationship of material systems in space scale (micron to Angstrom) and in situ environment. Provides the most advanced full-spectrum, multi-dimensional, non-linear, coherent X-ray material characterization methods. And provide users with the ability to observe and control the structure and dynamic processes of matter at the molecular, atomic scale and extreme conditions. To reveal the life mechanism. Regulate chemical reactions. Explore solutions to major national strategic scientific and technological issues such as quantum regulation. The hard X-ray free electron laser device project will be constructed in close cooperation between Shanghai and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The legal entity of the project is Shanghai University of Science and Technology. The co-construction units are Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Higher power laser pointers are not always better, because any of their glare can easily ruin your vision and distract you at night. When people additionally considered the new type of exotic high-energy laser used to remove the item itself as a genuine product, all kinds of star-gazing nights were ruined.
The laser pointer power is measured in mW (milliwatts) and usually ranges from 5mW to 1500mW (depending on the unit). Many 10000mw green laser pointers may be very bright, but are not necessarily defined as high-power lasers. If you are looking for a hot laser, you will need 10000mW or higher (all colors), the higher the power, the better.

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