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Features of laser pointers with different of colors

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There are varieties of laser pen among laser pointer market.What should you consider before you buy a laser pointer pen?Here are some tips of laser pointer buying guide.

Features of green laser pointer :


300mw laser pointer pattern

● Compact design and high resolution
Short wavelength of 532nm green laser generates small laser spot, thus green laser can provide high resolution, also represents a higher print quality output power resolution.

● Reliable performance
532nm laser pointer is widely used by primary astronomy lovers to point stars, constellations and other celestial objects.This type of laser light source is stable, strong and intense laser spot.

● Rapid replacement,easy maintenance
532nm green laser diode is very easy and simple for maintenance and replacement, can reduce maintenance hours, and improve efficient production hours.

Applications of green laser pointer

●Wild travelling, mounting climbing, and exploration

●Astronomy stargazing and constellation observations

●Teaching, lecture or speech

Features of red laser pointer


 500mW red laser

● Efficient transmission optical system

● Intelligent feedback control circuit
● Stable performance, consistency and long serving lifetime

● Low power consumption and high performance optical power output


Features of blue laser pointer


burning laser pointer


●Perfect cooling system with long serving life.

●Low divergence laser with high efficiency.

●The most superior designed laser with high safety standard.


Laser pointers are usually used as an eye-catching point in education, business presentation, and visual demonstrations. High powered laser pointer with significant thermal effects cannot be used continuously for a long time, especially for temperature sensitive solid state laser.Battery installed backwards. Lack of special attention, occasional battery installed anti might cause laser pointer burn out.In various high tech and entertainment working fields, laser pointers are always widely used in every corner of the world.

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